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Staffing and IT Consultant

Business Model

Conduct an operational study to set a benchmark for where the company is today and where you want it to go. What does your culture look like? Why does some one want to work for you? Analyze the top performers and develop a profile for future hires.  Match job description and outlined job expectations with profile and performance indicators. Design an interview process for all locations. Calibrate on the recruiting message, design media campaign (video). “Employer of Choice” Push local presence.

Our methods remain in a perpetual state of evolution to keep pace with ever-changing attitudes and technologies. To get started exploring your brand’s full potential, just give us a call.

we embrace change

Atlas Contact Center

Atlas Contact Center Staffing & Consulting has over 20 years in the staffing industry specializing in call centers and IT field. We are female owned. We position our clients for success by engaging in their business and becoming a true business partner.  Delivering talent that can help our clients grow their business to the next level.

Experience Matters 

Our Goal

Our goal is to be a consultative partner and ensure long term successful to both the client and candidate. Part of the Atlas difference is we recognize every client is unique the only way to do that is invests in our clients and candidates.  When we bring on a new client on board we will provide an operational study.

Experience | means understanding what works

While innovation is key, success also means knowing what works. That foundation lets Atlas Contact Center move forward to exceed even the loftiest goals.

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